Tic was estabilish since 1994
is one of your reliable partners/Suppliers. Our
products with high performance quality made by professional
manufacturers. Our working member teams with long years product knowledge.

 We are 1 of qualified business partners to provide the total solution for buyer's demand.

New Learning with New Development.

 New year of 2014 - Team work with reliable /trustable /progressive for mutual benefits,   Manufactuers with 10 ~ 40 years of exporting experience and product knowledges.

Company Profile

T.i.c. founded in 1994, based in Taiwan & Hong Kong, Tic is sole sales windows of several designers and manufacturers of wide range machine & electrical & electronic products. Our professional manufacturers and suppliers specializes in their branded products with good reputation/products supports.   They export around 60~75% up of their production to overseas, with either manufacturer's logo or customers' own brand name. We hope your company Logo to be listed on our product.  We are 1 of the flexable policy trading companies in the world, Overseas new clents will know Tic is one of the reliable partners,  who is care for the demands and needs of clients. 

Tops-mate Int'l Corp. -  Taiwan (Since 1994) 

Tops-mate Int'l Corp. - Hong Kong

Address: No.9-10, 1F., Lane 77, Tong Ming Rd., 201 Keelung, Taiwan. R.O.C.

                                      +886-2-2465-7967 (Rep.) 

                                   fax.gif (3352 bytes) +886-2-2465-0401


                       Sales dept. : topsmate@mail2000.com.tw

Product Range & Project OEM Products

b.gif (1653 bytes) Machines :                                                                                      as well as technical demands of industry.
     01.   Ultrasonic Welding Machine
     01-1. Standard ultrasonic machines
     01-2. Standard hot plate welding machines
     01-3. Specialized hot plate machine
     01-4. Ultrasonic Mould
     02.    Auto. & Manual EI Laminations Stacking Machine 
     02-1. Coil Winding Machine Series 
     03.  Wire Cutting/Stripping & Twisting machine
     04. Welding machine for Textile 
     05. Welding machine for Plastic
     06. Customized Machine 
     07. Ultrasonic Cleaners 
     08. Portable Plastic Welder
     09. Parts supply  
     10. Auto. Filling & container Sealing machine Series 
     11. Auto. Washing & Auto Caping machine Series 
     12. Full Automatic Wire Cutting/Stripping & Twisting machine
     13. Multi-function Cutting machine  
     14. Enamel Removing Machine  
     15. Sea Water Desalination Machine
     16. Other machine. 
b.gif (1653 bytes) Full Automatic Wire Cutting/Stripping & Twisting machine  :
  TC-220+T  clickheres.gif (1685 個位元組)  
13.gif (547 bytes) Power Inverter
12 or 24VDC to 110VAC or 220VAC.                                   
Car DC12V power transfered to Home AC power.                                     
Mobile Home AC Power.


13.gif (547 bytes)"GENIUS"
   Pure Sine Wave
Output 150W.300W,   at 12V/24V Input
New released Model - 1000W/1500W/1500W  new6.gif (990 個位元組)
13.gif (547 bytes) "GENIUS"
    Modify Sine Wave
1500W.2500W by 12V / 24V / 48V Input
13.gif (547 bytes) Inverter / Charger
Inverter with Battery Charger "GENIUS"
Output 300W.600W.1000W.1200W. 1500W
by 12V/ 24V/48V Input 
13.gif (547 bytes) DC to DC Converter
   "SJ" & "GENIUS"
DC 24V Input (18v - 35v)
by DC 12V,3A/5A/8A/12A Output 
13.gif (547 bytes) Transformer : made in Taiwan, according clietns' demands.
13.gif (547 bytes)Wide various of communication cables assembly.
Auto Cigarette Plug & cable Series / DC Power Cord Cable
PC Cable Series /   Audio & Video Cables / Coaxial Cable   
Fiber Optic Patch Cord / Terminal Connector /
DC Plug & Adaptors / Cellular Phone cable Series
Pls e-mail us your requirement with  spec. & q'ty!
duck2.gif (3896 個位元組) Can not find  good partner or supplier? We are 1 of the qualified ones in the world.  1 Drop of Water with great power. The next big thing is really small.


Year 2013 is new year with many new learning and cooperation. We all need to integrate all sources with new energy to develop new working teams.   Let us work together to creat good futures. Never stop of learning and creating with patience. 

Only the team working energy will creat the multi-benefits.

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